My (Physical) Books




animal farm - read
1984 - read

the way of kings - read
the words of radiance - read
oathbringer - read
rythm of war - read

battleaxe - reading

the dragonbone chair
stone of farewell

city of golden shadow
river of blue fire
mountain of black glass
sea of silver light

2001 a space odyssey
2010 odyssey two
2061 odyssey three

foundations edge
foundation and earth
forward the foundation
prelude to foundation

exploring the earth and the cosmos

sands of mars

the hitch hikers guide to the galaxy - read

hold up the sky - reading

the turing option - reading

man of two worlds - reading


the mist of avalon


first dawn


machines and men

sundance and other science fiction stories

luckys harvest
the fallen moon

cosmis encounter
the book of ptath
the man with a thousand names
children of tomorrow
the gryb
the darkness on diamondia
the weapon shops of isher

continuum 1
continuum 2
continuum 3
continuum 4

dune messiah
dune: children of dune
dune: house harkonnen

black sheep

star mans son

the tower
the delta
the magician

harry potter and the goblet of fire
harry potter and the order of the phoenix
harry potter and the half-blood prince
harry potter and the deathly hallows

robinson crusoe

the complete works of william shakespeare

the casquet of literature volume 1 & 2
the casquet of literature volume 3 & 4
the casquet of literature volume 5 & 6

forbidden knowledge
a dark and hungry god arises
chaos and order
this day all gods die

the lord of the rings (omnibus)

the prince and the pauper

mark twain choice works


history of the communist party of the soviet union (bolsheviks) - read

schlegels philosophy of life - reading

the great philosophers

out of our minds - reading

modern chess openings - reference

isaac asimovs book of facts - reference

design of machine members

mechanics of machines

economic theory and underdeveloped regions

thematic computer studies - read

physics level 2 esa study guide

introduction to quantum mechanics

digital image processing

graphic design and reproduction techniques

elements of function programming

stevensons book of quotations 9th edition - reference
stevensons book of quotations 10th edition - reference

psychology made simple

c++ in a nutshell - reference

head first c - read

data communications and computer networks - reading

statistics year 13

understanding statistics 4th edition

introduction to the practice of statistics - reading

understanding econometrics - reading


schaums outline of theory and problems of programming with c++

winston s. churchill war speeches 1
winston s. churchill war speeches 2
winston s. churchill war speeches 3

history of the romans under the empire volume 6

makers of the realm

china by harold e. gorst

memoirs of a chinese revolutionary

the two first centuries of florentine history

hawkins electrical guide 1

the works of plato

chambers information for the people volume 1

historians history of the world volume 11
historians history of the world volume 18
historians history of the world volume 19


the crusades: iron men and saints

lenin selected works 1
lenin selected works 2
lenin selected works 3

principles and procedures of statistics

secrets of the c++ masters

data structures and algorithm analysis in c

c: the complete reference

expert c programming

computer graphics: principles and practice

digital systems: principles and applications

advanced modern engineering mathematics

fundamentals of physics

process control: a practical approach

understanding digital logic circuits

electric circuit analysis

applied control theory for embedded systems

control systems engineering


digital design with cpld applications and vhdl

vhdl: a starters guide

vhdl handbook

botany: principles and problems

chaos: making of a new science