The most difficult thing to do is to communicate. Whether that form of communication is verbal, digital, musical, poetical, artistical, or some other form. There are some who are able to communicate in a way that resonates with many. Alan Watts, Shakespeare, Mozart, Isaac Asimov, and many others. How is unknown. Though I am not someone who cares to be known, I am someone who wishes to pass on what I have learned from personal experiences and from others. Posts are, in my view, one of the best ways to do so. I find it hard to convey my thoughts into words which are not only understandable, but are engaging. My posts are sporadic, and I fail to complete most blogs that I start due to various reasons. My life long goal is to continue to share, so that others may learn or become inspired. Whether that is the case or not after reading my blogs is up to the reader. If you’re reading this, thank you. I may never know you, but I sincerely appreciate you. Be the change that so many claim to wish for.